Welcome to Philip's Home Management

This web site has been created to enable me to access a number of internet enabled devices in my home, primarily the control of Home Automation X-10 modules as well as remote access to my CCTV system.

In February 2005 I added a Personal Weather Station to my systems and in addition to providing the weather pages, it also integrates into the Home Automation systems, for example in the summer the sprinklers will not come on if we have had rain that day.  Other examples include starting the central heating at different times depending on the outside temperature in order that the optimal temperature is reach just in time - yet another energy saving feature!

Whilst this site is designed for my own personal use, please feel free to navigate around. 

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know using the Contact page.

Thank You.   

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What's New ?

14/11/09 Removed PVR Link, Added Energy Monitoring on Main Page and Link to detailed page
16/04/06 Added PVR Control (Meedio)
21/01/06 Added WeatherCam
23/10/05 New look web site launched
05/08/05 Added a couple of links on the Links page
  Last Updated: 14th November 2009